How It Works

As part of our mission to help consumers spend and ‘gift local,’ we offer a single gift card that can be spent at the best locally owned shops, restaurants, and businesses all around Maine.

Give the gift of choice! The Buoy Local Gift Card is one card that can be spent in part or in full at a large variety of independent businesses within our communities.

Because the cards can't be spent outside of our local network, they keep more dollars circulating within our community.

It works, and we can prove it! Our cards have brought over $10,000 to individual merchants and are 100% quantifiable for business owners.

For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $48 stays in our cities and towns.

Compared to only $14 of $100 that is spent at a non-locally owned business or corporation.

And $0 of $100 that is spent at a large e-commerce retailer.